Meet Berenice Longoria & César Lopez

Owners of the Taco Stop

Owners of The Taco Stop

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How have you been able to pivot/adapt your business model?
We had been working on getting our restaurant ready to open in April when everything shut down. With that turn of event, we could give up completely, or keep our doors open for takeout and bring in whatever business we could until the time came to be able to open our doors for dine-in. We look at the positive side of it, and the delay in opening our doors gave us the opportunity to get our name out there on this side of town, where our customer base was established pretty well in Old Town. We were able to pivot pretty easily, and this gave us some time to figure out how we wanted to open for dine in and follow the new health guidelines.

Have you done any community/employee giving?
We haven’t been able to do much community giving at the moment but we have managed to stay open and offer our staff a secure job. We understand it’s hard times so anytime we could help them and their families we do. We are fortunate to still be open and give our employees a secure job and help their families in any way we can.

What do you/your business need the most to succeed right now?
During this time, our business needs to continue establishing our presence on this side of town and really push our own delivery and dine in now that we have opened our doors. The delivery services have been great in helping us get our name out around town, but they are really cutting into our profits so we are trying to get away from that. We need to stay strong as a company and hopefully when we open our doors we will be able to see more guest joining us.

What else would you like to share with the community?
We want the community to know that our doors are now open, we love what we do and we look forward to serving you safely and seeing you in our restaurant. We will work hard every day to provide everyone with our best.

What is your favorite business in Fort Collins?
Snack attack!! The owners are amazing and they do so so much for our community

What’s your favorite thing about living/working/being in Fort Collins?
We really enjoy the easy pace Fort Collins offers. From bike riding to beer tasting and supporting all the local businesses

What are you most excited about being an ambassador?
Learning new things and getting to meet new people. I feel everyone has a different story and I love hearing them all and learning from each other.

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