Rythm EFXPresident & Event Designer & Vice President & Chief Financial Officer of Rythm EFX

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How have you been able to pivot/adapt your business model?
Our company normally provides production equipment for concerts and large events. With all concerts and large events cancelled or postponed for the Spring/Summer of 2020, we have adapted to use this same equipment for smaller events and provide LED Video screens and offer “Drive-In” events for Movies, Church sermons, Graduations and Concerts. Our community is still able to come together and feel connected while staying safe. It has been a great feeling to see our community’s strength in numbers during these events. We have had a lot of support from our long-time clients and done many brainstorming sessions. We’ve also had amazing support from our other colleagues in the music industry. It has been a lot of thinking outside of the box and challenging for us, but I have seen it as a very big lesson in my business career. It has shown us that you must learn to change and adapt at any given time.

What do you/your business need the most to succeed right now?
Business and support. I think it just comes down to that. Along with drive-in events, we are working on new ideas of bringing our community together safely and while practicing social distancing. We simply just need support from the community and that may look like so many things. Word of mouth is always the best or follow us on social media. Attending drive-in events will show support to our clients which is amazing too!

Other than drive-in’s, people can show support by renting equipment for private parties, weddings, and events. People can book events for 2021 for those that had to postpone their weddings and events or are looking to start designing early.

What else would you like to share with the community?
Please remember to shop local and support your local community now and in the future. Local companies need your support now more than ever in order to survive. Most often these local businesses have adapted and can offer services like curbside pickup or delivery. I would also encourage people to be generous with your tips to delivery drivers (food, groceries, services etc.) and wait staff when going out to eat.

What’s your favorite business in Fort Collins?
Kayzha: I’m not sure I could ever nail this down to just one. I even feel bad saying just two. I have lived here my whole life and have memories attached to so many places. I would say my favorites are The Silver Grill & Kansas City City.

Zack: Zwei Brewing, which is a local brewing company specializing in German Style beers.

What’s your favorite thing about living/working/being in Fort Collins?
Kayzha: Fort Collins is home and always has been for me and my family. I have history here. My children are 5th generation in Fort Collins.

Zack: I like Fort Collins because it is a great area to live in Colorado. The town is well kept and clean. There is a great selection in restaurants, breweries and several great atmospheres to appreciate.

What are you most excited about being an ambassador?
Kayzha: I am excited to be a part of something that can help the community and can bring businesses together during this really challenging time. I think right now a lot of people are feeling lost, confused and sometimes even helpless and as a business owner this can be a very new feeling as we typically have a plan for everything. I am hopeful that the ambassador program can bring businesses together to know that we are not alone in this evolving world.

Zack: I am excited to be a part of something that is new and creative. I love meeting new people in the community and am excited to be able to help in whatever way possible in helping others through their pandemic struggles. I enjoy talking with other business owners and brainstorming on ways to come together.

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