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Attention community champions! Fort Collins is counting on you to help us create a resilient economy that’s stronger than ever!

One of the best ways to support the growth of local businesses in Fort Collins is to buy locally. When you shop at local businesses, you help to create jobs and support the local economy. Additionally, buying locally produced goods and services helps to reduce our carbon footprint and makes our community more resilient.

Explore. Discover. Support.

Discover and learn about the unique businesses right in your backyard. When you make even just one purchase from a local small business, you’re supporting your friends and neighbors.

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Women-Owned Businesses in Fort Collins

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Asian-Owned Businesses in Fort Collins

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Latino & Hispanic-Owned Businesses in Fort Collins

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Black-Owned Businesses in Fort Collins

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Veteran-Owned Businesses in Fort Collins

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LGBTQ+ Owned Businesses
in Fort Collins

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Restaurants, Food & Beverage Businesses
in Fort Collins

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Shopping & Specialty Retail Businesses in Fort Collins

Men high fiving in boxing gym

Businesses in Old Town

people meeting together

Business Start Ups & Innovation

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Businesses in South Fort Collins

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Businesses in Midtown Fort Collins

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Businesses North of Old Town

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Businesses Near Colorado State University

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Sustainable Businesses in Fort Collins

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Nonprofit Businesses in Fort Collins

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Public Utilities and Environment Businesses in Fort Collins

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Sports and Recreation Businesses in Fort Collins

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Personal Services and Care Businesses in Fort Collins

woman sitting in front of large piece of art

Arts, Culture and Entertainment Businesses in Fort Collins

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Fort Collins’ Locally-Owned Automotive Businesses

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Fort Collins Food Trucks

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Construction & Manufacturing

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Lodging, Travel & Tourism

How You Can Support Local Businesses

Below are a few easy, but impactful ways you can show our local businesses you support them and want them to thrive!

Buy a Gift Card

This is one of the easiest ways to support a local business, especially if you know someone who loves a particular local business. Call your favorite spot or go online to buy a gift card for a future date night, shopping spree, or lunch with friends! This not only allows you to support a local business but gives you or a loved one an opportunity to visit businesses in your area that you’ve never been to before.

Leave a Kind Review

Have you had an exceptional experience at a local business in Fort Collins? Let them know and spread the good word. Leaving a review is quick, easy, and not to mention, free of cost. Yelp, Google, and Facebook are all great places to leave reviews and alert your friends and family of a local business worth raving about.

Buy Local

Looking for a unique shopping experience? Look no further than the small businesses in Fort Collins. Our city is home to some of the best local businesses around. Shop at businesses that support our community and keep your money in our city.

Share a Picture of Yourself with Product, Merch, or Signage

Are you visiting your favorite Fort Collins brewery or golf course? Post a picture on social media of yourself enjoying your time there! Make sure to tag them so they can see your support.

Order Delivery

Want to grab a bite, but not leave the house? No problem. Food delivery options are endless in Fort Collins. Call directly or use online services such as NocoNosh to get dinner delivered right to your door.

Refer a Friend

Talk to your friends about the spots you can’t get enough of and encourage them to follow them on social media if they haven’t already!

Follow the Movement

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