Resource Overview:

The Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative launched the Finish What You Started Program in 2021 to help Colorado residents go back to school and earn their credential or degree. The program supports in two ways: providing financial assistance and support services throughout their college experience. Public institutions across the state will be providing the FWYS program as early as this fall.

Do you have some college, but did not graduate or obtain your credential? Are you thinking of re-enrolling to finish your degree? Join the Finish What You Started program designed to provide you with support services to obtain college credentials or degrees. The program combines financial support with additional services such as career planning and student coaching, connection to community and public resources (e.g., transportation assistance, childcare centers, legal aid services, housing support, etc.) and career connections.

Statewide Residents:

  • Support:
    • Enrollment support in registration, financial aid scholarships and more
    • 1:1 support to ensure progression toward the completion of a credential/degree
    • connection and career support and transition back into the workforce
  • Scholarships:
    • A COSI support person will work with you to understand the total cost of obtaining your degree, exploring federal aid and other scholarship opportunities
    • COSI Scholarship
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