Craft Excellent Job Descriptions for the Top 10 Recruitment Websites

For a small business owner, crafting quality job descriptions and posting them in the right places is crucial. Undoubtedly you have a fun plate. But that makes acquiring quality employees to lighten the load even more important. We know the struggle, and we’re here to help.

In this digital age, finding the right employees is as easy as surfing the web. In 2022, of the 10.7 million Americans looking for work, 80% completed their job search online. Of course, only a portion of those jobseekers is within a qualifying distance from your Fort Collins business. Still, the pool is full. 

What does that mean for you? Quality employees are a web search away. With our job description template and the visibility of the following recruitment websites, you’ll be well on your way to finding the support you need to run a successful business.

Present Your Job Description to Qualified Leads

With these top recruitment websites, posting your job description has never been easier, with the employees you’re searching for quite literally at your fingertips. No, many of these tools are not free, but quality talent acquisition is worth the cost. Browse this list of recruitment tools and select one that’s a good fit for your business.

1. Indeed

Free and Paid Options Starting at $5 per Day

One of the most well-known recruitment platforms on the web, Indeed has over 250 million users and covers more industries and jobs than nearly all of its competitors. This easy-to-use platform is a good fit no matter what level of employee commitment you’re looking for. As an added bonus, every job description is also posted on Glassdoor, a recruitment platform committed to transparency and honesty.

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2. LinkedIn

Free and Paid Options Based on Your Budget

A diverse professional platform, LinkedIn is much more than a recruitment site. Doubling as a social network and an educational platform, this recruitment tool allows you to connect with loads of professionals eager to get started in their careers. Plus, its networking strengths will get the word out about your openings quickly!

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3. CareerBuilder

Monthly Plans Starting at $349 and Discounted Annual Rates

Another well-known recruitment site, CareerBuilder is a highly respected tool used by many companies on the Fortune 500 list. This platform makes it simple for job seekers to find your exact listing with a variety of convenient filtering options, and with its advanced sorting tool, it can evaluate candidates and recommend your listing to those that are a good fit.

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4. Monster

Monthly Plans Starting at $375 with Discounted Bulk Rates

Monster is easy to use and hosts white-and-blue-collar job seekers alike. It doesn’t offer a huge range of features, but its simple design and large database make it a great choice for getting your listing out there.

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5. Recruiter

Monthly Plans Starting at $297 with Discounted Bulk Rates

With recruitment websites, it can be easy to lose job seekers behind their resumes. Recruiter offers a unique spin to the online recruitment process by putting personality and unique skills on the same playing field as professional qualifications. If you’re worried about finding employees that will jive with your company’s culture, Recruiter is for you.

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6. ZipRecruiter

Free Trial with Monthly Paid Plans Starting at $299

One of the easiest-to-use recruitment tools out there, ZipRecruiter is a perfect tool to find job candidates that are just getting started in their careers. It doesn’t offer extensive filtering options for job seekers, but its Quick Apply feature makes it simple for your next employee to get in touch with you.

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7. Getwork

Paid Options Based on Your Budget

Getwork prides itself on how quickly it can post your job description to its users. Additionally, this platform verifies each of its employers so your next employee can select your listing with confidence. If you’re looking for job seekers with some urgency, this is the platform for you.

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8. FlexJobs

Monthly Plans Starting at $399 and Discounted Annual Rates

If you’re looking for remote and flexible employees, this is the recruitment tool for you. This platform has grown in popularity as the world has leaned into the work-from-home reality. Because they screen each individual listing, you won’t find an abundance of matches, but those you do find will be quality.

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9. AngelList

Monthly Plans Starting at $249

AngelList is a new recruitment platform geared toward connecting job seekers with startup companies. While the majority of job postings are for technology firms, their aim is to make startup recruiting more fair through complete transparency about each business’s history. If you’re building a team for an exciting new venture, this is the tool for you.

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10. Snagajob

Plans Starting at $89 per Job Listing, per Month

This recruitment platform focuses solely on jobs that pay hourly and that need filled urgently. Snagajob represents loads of job listings not represented elsewhere in a greater variety of industries ranging ​​from food service and manufacturing to driving and daycare. If you’re looking to hire hourly workers with confidence, post your job here.

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Craft Job Descriptions that Pop with Our Free Template

Once you’ve selected the recruitment tool best suited for your business, you’ll want to make sure you have the bait to reel in those leads. Job seekers using recruitment platforms have access to hundreds, if not thousands, of job postings. If your job posting doesn’t stand out, it can easily get lost in the shuffle.

With our easy-to-use job description template, you’ll be able to attract the employees you’re looking for and give them the confidence to know you’re a good fit. As you get started on your job description, we recommend consulting an HR professional to ensure your job description is thorough and meets all the necessary criteria for the position you’re seeking to fill. Click the link below to download your free template, but before you do, consider these three tips:


  1. Be Confident. Describe your openings with positivity. Don’t let prospects conclude that yours is a boring business. Help them to see why this position is desirable for them.
  2. Be Clear. You’re initiating a new relationship. You don’t want your first impression to be one of uncertainty. Tell them who you are. Tell them what you need. Tell them about the job.
  3. Be Concise. You don’t have to be long-winded – they’ve likely been reading job descriptions for a while. Spare them the fluff and be direct with your communication.

Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed.

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