NoCo Manufacturing Partnership

NoCo Manufacturing Partnership’s mission is to make American manufacturing great by driving a passionate, collaborative partnership, so that Northern Colorado manufacturing and our communities thrive. Founded in 2013, the NoCo Manufacturing Partnership has grown to be an all-volunteer organization with members representing about 200 companies.  The Partnership has two primary areas of focus to achieve its purpose of making manufacturing great.

The first focus is workforce development.  Through career awareness tours, internships, curriculum development, and partnerships with educators and other workforce professionals, The Partnership works to encourage and develop the manufacturing industry’s next generation of workers.

The second focus is creating a thriving environment for both Northern Colorado Manufacturers and communities we live in.  Through its website, newsletter, lunch & learn events, tours, and other B2B activities, the group drives a passionate and collaborative partnership of manufacturers to share best practices and work on common issues.  The Partnership has also established one of the most successful manufacturing trade shows in the state, NOCOM.

Membership to the NoCo Manufacturing Partnership is free and takes just seconds to register. Visit our membership page to register and further your business today.

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