All Star Cleaning

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Owner: Laura Christian

As part of our ongoing commitment to spotlighting local businesses this holiday season, we highlight All Star Cleaning, where cleanliness meets compassion! All Star Cleaning is not just a cleaning company; it is a community-centric force dedicated to making a positive impact in every space they touch. All Star Cleaning believes a clean environment fosters not only physical well-being, but also emotional and social well-being. The mission goes beyond spotless surfaces – they are committed to creating a thriving and supportive community.

All Star Cleaning actively engages in initiatives that extend care and support to the community. These include providing free cleaning services for cancer patients, maintaining a free community closet, hosting clothing swaps, organizing an annual blood drive, supporting local nonprofits, and hosting meetings for LGBTQ+ groups. Their dedication goes beyond the physical spaces, emphasizing a holistic approach to community care.

All Star Cleaning are more than a cleaning service – they are partners in community care. Join them in creating a cleaner, kinder, and more connected community. Making a difference one clean space at a time.


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