The Moot House

Interview with Samantha Preston, Creative Brand Director of Hot Corner Concepts. Be sure to follow The Moot House on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter.

How have you been able to pivot your business model? What have you done in response?

We had committed to stay active and serve a need when we knew business wasn’t going to run as usual. It was clear a lot of people would be hit hard with the pandemic. We decided to shift to a philanthropic model operating from the Moot House. We have been able to do this with help from Bohemian Foundation. Initially, we started out preparing meals for our furloughed staff but maintained the goal to expand and help others at risk of food insecurity in the community.

What has resonated with you most through your community (or employee) giving?

It has been wonderfully gratifying seeing our team rise to the occasion. From the very beginning, when conditions were constantly changing and continue to do so, the team has come together daily to solve problems and think ahead. Many individuals have given great amounts of time and energy to make every component of the operation come together. Looking back to day one, closing our dining rooms and brainstorming ways to respond, up until now, we can see a smooth pilot program launched from the ground up and soon to be shared and replicated by other restaurant operators in Fort Collins. It is truly making a difference for so many, and this point makes it all worth it.

What do you or your business need most to succeed/stay resilient?

We have recently reopened Big Al’s, and Comet Chicken will follow shortly. We love the support of guests through carryout, curbside pickup, and delivery orders. The more we generate in sales, the more employees we are able to engage. Follow us on social media and like and share our posts to boost our marketing. We will emphasize more than ever – support local!

What else would you like to share with the community?

We are so encouraged by the rallying of individuals, non-profits, and local businesses to stay positive and support one another. The Feeding Our Community program is possible in large part through the volunteer efforts of nonprofits, community partners, resident leaders and individual volunteers. Let’s keep it up!

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