Allie Ogg

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Allie is a full-time artist and illustrator, who has published three books: Goodnight Mermaid, Goodnight Brew and Good Morning Brew. You may know her as a muralist, whose work has brightened the sides of brick buildings and even transformer cabinets in Fort Collins for years. A creative who studied ceramics and printmaking, Allie also makes holiday ornaments, cards and other printed goods available for holiday gifts and throughout the year. Her artwork is inspired by animals and the beautiful scenery of Colorado.

Allie Ogg is an accomplished artist and illustrator based in Fort Collins, Colorado. She has established herself as a prominent figure in the art community through her various creative pursuits. Allie is not only a talented muralist, but she has also authored three books, including “Goodnight Mermaid,” “Goodnight Brew,” and “Good Morning Brew.”

Throughout Fort Collins, you may have seen Allie’s eye-catching murals that have graced the sides of brick buildings and transformer cabinets for years. Her vibrant and colorful murals have brought a sense of joy and wonder to the community. But Allie’s artistic talents do not stop there. She also creates holiday ornaments, cards, and other printed goods that make perfect gifts year-round. With her background in ceramics and printmaking, she brings a unique touch to her creations that sets them apart.

Allie’s artwork is inspired by the beauty of Colorado’s scenery and wildlife. Her love for nature shines through in her creations, from her murals to her intricate ornaments. She has also been a member of Art Brand Alliance, a supportive community for creative business owners. Through this community, Allie receives support and guidance, helping her navigate the challenges of owning a creative business.

You can view Allie’s stunning artwork at Trimble Court Artisans, a cooperative gallery located in the heart of Old Town. The gallery has showcased distinguished Colorado artists for over 40 years, and Allie is proud to be among them. Her artwork is a reflection of her passion for art and the natural world, and it is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who views it.


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