El Zirahuen Nevería y Juguería (Ice Cream & Juice Shop)

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Owners: The Onofre Family 

When customers enter El Zirahuen Nevería y Juguería (Ice Cream & Juice Shop) they are greeted with colorful, freshly squeezed juices, homemade Mexican-style ice cream, and over 30 food & beverage concoctions on their menu. El Zirahuen is known for their mangonadas, which is a traditional Mexican frozen beverage that combines mango with the spicy Tajín seasoning. 🥭🌶️

The Onofre family opened El Zirahuen right before the pandemic hit, so if you haven’t had a chance to explore their unique offerings yet, Small Business Season is a great time to swing by! With their first shop in Denver, the Onofre family wanted to share their family’s authentic Mexican juices and ice cream with Northern Colorado. Along with specialty desserts, the shop also has a Mexican food market, offering customers a taste of typical Mexican treats.


Never had a mangonada? It’s a must-try for any foodie! Try one at El Zirahuen located at 1635 S. College Ave.

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