Full Expression Dance Collective

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Owner: Savannah Svoboda

As part of our ongoing commitment to spotlighting local businesses this holiday season, we invite you to learn about Full Expression Dance Collective. Full Expression is a dedicated community that breathes life into contemporary dance. Founded with a vision that extends beyond the studio walls, they prioritize safety and equity for performers, creating an inclusive space where every dancer feels seen, heard, and valued.

At the core of the collective’s mission is the commitment to fostering a secure and fair environment for artists. Full Expression believes in the power of movement, education, and community investment to create a dance experience that goes beyond the physical steps. 

The collective seamlessly weaves educational elements into its classes, providing more than just a dance lesson. It’s an opportunity to engage with the principles of equity, understanding, and mutual respect. Every class becomes a celebration of diversity, where the art of movement is a catalyst for positive change. 

Full Expression is located at 1200 South College Avenue, witness the magic of a community that dances with purpose.


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