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Interview with Allison Song, Owner & Founder of Heritage & Bloom. Be sure to follow Heritage & Bloom on Instagram and Facebook.

Can you introduce yourself and your business to the community? What does the name “Heritage & Bloom” represent? 

My name is Allison Song and I am the owner and designer of Heritage & Bloom, a small batch accessories brand. I created Heritage & Bloom in early 2020 as a way for me to intersect my passion for handmade accessories and exploration of my cultural heritage. As a daughter of Korean immigrants, I have always felt a disconnect from my Korean roots since I was born and raised as an American. But as I have gotten older, I have grown to appreciate and embrace more of my cultural roots. The significance behind the name “Heritage & Bloom” is to represent the relationship of having a foundation through history and roots, and the promise of a beautiful future. My hope is that the brand inspires others to embrace their unique stories and bloom beautifully as they are meant to.  

Heritage & Bloom OwnerHow would you like the community to celebrate Women’s History Month? And why is it important to celebrate it? 

There are so many important and beautiful ways to celebrate Women’s History Month. A few ideas would be to explore the history and journey of women’s rights, supporting women-owned businesses, and writing a thank you note to a woman who inspires you. It’s important to uplift and celebrate women (and not just on Women’s History Month) to validate their presence and positive impact on the community. Another significant way to honor women is to create space to listen and to amplify the stories they share, especially from marginalized voices.  

What’s one thing that would surprise people about your business? 

Most of our products are made to order! To reduce waste and to cherish the handmade process, we create most of our pieces based on what comes in for online and wholesale orders. We are also run by 1.5 women! I have worked hard to become full-time in 2020 and I have a lovely part-time employee, Michelle, who helps keep the business running.  

What support do you need during this time that was missing? What type of support do you feel you received? Any way the community can specifically support women-owned businesses? 

I feel incredibly blessed to have a business in the lovely city of Fort Collins. The community has been so supportive, especially during the pandemic, and I am SO grateful for every customer that has purchased our pieces for themselves or as gifts. 

In a practical sense, your dollar is your vote. To empower and strengthen the many wonderful women-owned businesses in Fort Collins, it is important to shop at the businesses you want to see thrive and succeed. If not with your dollar, highlighting businesses through word of mouth or on social channels is incredibly valuable as well.  

Where can people purchase your jewelry? 

I am primarily an online based business: heritageandbloom.com but my products are carried in 5 brick and mortars in Old Town, Fort Collins: Makerfolk, Sunday Supply Co., Walnut Creek, Lima Coffee, and the Museum of Art (MoA).

For local pop up events and to find stockists in other cities/states, feel free to visit: heritageandbloom.com/pages/events-stockists  

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