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Interview with Stefanie Mecklenburg, Co-Owner of Jackie’s Java. Be sure to follow Jackie’s Java on Instagram & Facebook.

Can you introduce yourself and Jackie’s Java to the community? 

My name is Stefanie and my husband Chris and I are the owners of Jackie’s Java! We’ve lived in Fort Collins since 2010, and we owned a local liquor store for 9 years before owning this business. After selling the store in 2019, we were able to take the time to consider exactly what we were looking for in our next business. We wanted to produce something, and find a business where we could contribute something positive to the community. We were already big fans of the coffee, so when we heard Jackie was looking to sell we jumped on the opportunity. We purchased Jackie’s Java in September of 2020, and it is truly our dream job.  

What makes Jackie’s Java special? Can you share more about your “post-roast blending” technique? 

We source the highest quality beans from all over the world and slow-roast in small batches (about 40lbs). Our Post-Roast blending method is special because it allows us to roast each bean to perfection, and blend at the perfect ratios to achieve the best possible flavor. This gives our blends a depth of flavor that I’ve never experienced in any other coffee before. Dad’s Blend is my favorite because you can really see the different beans and roast levels and the flavor is out of this world delicious. It’s a total crowd-pleaser and such a good cup of coffee.  

Jackie's Java packaged coffeeWhat are the challenges you’re still facing today? What type of support do you feel you received?
Local support has come in the way of becoming the coffee provider for Utilities, as well as incredible support from other business owners in the area. This community is so wonderful about supporting local businesses and lifting one another up. Our biggest headache during the pandemic has been supply chain issues, mainly around paper products and bags, which is not a local issue at all.

What’s one thing that would surprise people about your business?  

I think the range and variety of our products is something people would find surprising. Not only do we offer over 30 regular coffees and more than 35 flavors, but we also can package our coffees in a few different ways to serve many different customer needs. For example, we’re one of the few small roasters who package in pre-measured “pillow packs” for use in large commercial coffee brewers. These are favored by many restaurants and offices for their convenience and ease of use. We also offer k-cups, and have just finished the installation of equipment to package them ourselves! 

We also produce very high-quality flavored coffees and many of them! We have over 35 different flavors, in addition to a few seasonal flavors (did someone say Pumpkin Pie Spice?). We also offer a selection of natural flavors and you can even get flavored Organic beans if you’d like.  

Our decafs are all water-processed so there are no added chemicals or flavors, and we make just about every flavor in a decaf.  

We always say we have a coffee for every taste and budget, and I think that really sets us apart.

How does owning a local business keep you connected to the community?  

We feel that owning a local business allows us to contribute to the community by giving us so many opportunities to meet and talk with other members of the community. Being the manufacturer and wholesaler, we get many opportunities to interact with local business owners, offices, and grocery stores.  

We also have wonderful retail customers, subscribers, and local delivery customers who we get to interact with regularly – we often get a nice honk and a wave when they see our van on the road. At farmers markets, Chris and I get the opportunity to talk with many people and see their faces light up when they taste our delicious coffee for the first time.  

This particular business also allows us to support our local agencies by providing them with coffee on a regular basis. We feel truly honored to be their chosen supplier and that we get to be a part of their daily routine. It feels really great to produce a product that brings such comfort and consistency into people’s lives. 

Jackie’s Java started small, first selling at farmers markets, over time the business has grown so much – sold at many locations, doing coffee subscriptions, and selling at wholesale. Can you share some insights for other small businesses looking to expand and grow their business?

I think it’s important to believe in your product and be open to all possibilities. We have a lot of different types of customers because Jackie was always willing to say yes. Her business model changed a few times over the years because she accepted different types of customers and was willing to make necessary adjustments to accommodate them; all while maintaining the quality and integrity of the product. Personally, I’m a big believer in building a strong team and creating a positive and safe work culture where we are all working together to achieve a common goal. I believe that if you treat people well, all will be well.

Jackie's Java coffee roasterWhere can people purchase Jackie’s Java? 

We have so many wonderful retailers! Locally you can find us at The Cupboard, Jax Outdoor, Mountain Avenue Market (Fort Collins Food Co-Op), Whole Foods, Natural Grocers, Lucky’s, and Beaver’s Market (Fresh Foods). We can also be found at various stores around the Front Range, Estes Park, Wyoming, and Nebraska. 

We also serve a number of coffee shops and restaurants in the area. A complete list can be found on our website.  

We also offer local delivery and pick up at the Roastery from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday – Thursday and 9:00 am – 3:00 pm on Fridays.   

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