Pit Liquor Deodorant

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Co-owners & Co-Founders: Erica & Jason Feucht 

Pit Liquor started when Erica & Jason Feucht were expecting their daughter. They were concerned about the carcinogens in traditional deodorants, so in response Erica & Jason developed their own all-natural deodorant using an alcohol base and other natural ingredients. The motto of Pit Liquor Deodorant is that they don’t mess around with toxic ingredients, wasteful packaging, or products that don’t work. They only use ingredients that are safe enough to eat. 

Pit Liquor shipping

Pit Liquor Deodorant is manufactured, bottled, and shipped out in Fort Collins to customers all around the country. The company offers spray-on and roll-on versions of their deodorant and offers a variety of flavors including, Whiskey Vanilla, Coconut Rum with Lime, Whiskey Lavender, and many others. Pit Liquor is also dedicated to sustainable business practices, implementing a recycling and refill bottle program.

In 2021, Pit Liquor won the 2021 Colorado Companies to Watch Award, recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in Colorado. Pit Liquor Deodorant has been featured on the Today Show, ABC, Bustle, CW, CBS, Food & Wine, and NPR. 

You can pick up a bottle of Pit Liquor Deodorant for the holidays online!

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