Snack Attack

Snack Attack is an independent, local, and veteran-owned sandwich shop. Husband and wife owners Shawn & Lauren Storeby love to serve great food and beer to the community. With a variety of local craft brews on tap, you’ll be sure to find your next favorite.

What do you think makes our Fort Collins business community so special?

Our business community is so supportive of each other! What I love the most is that businesses are interested in partnering and getting creative to come together for a common goal.

What advice would you give to community members who are looking for ways to support our local businesses?

There are lots of ways our community can get involved to support local businesses. First is to actually shop local when you can! Another way would be to leave positive reviews on businesses Google, Yelp and even Facebook pages.

What’s one thing that would surprise people about your business?

The biggest misconception about Snack Attack is that we are a college hangout. Our biggest supporters are families, working professions and anyone looking for a top-notch sandwich. And if you didn’t know, we actually put chips on sandwiches…yup if you didn’t know, now you know 😉

How does owning a local business keep you connected to the community?

Owning a small business keeps you connected because you are just like the rest of your neighbors working to make a living. Our job is to make the best sandwiches, salads and wraps in Fort Collins and to do so we have to be connecting with our community. To keep promoting our brand we have to be out spreading the message about who we are and what we do.

What do you love most about running a business in Fort Collins?

I love that our local business community and municipalities are so supportive- offering initiatives just like this! When our local government offers marketing to spread awareness of small businesses it shows they want them to thrive.

Do you have any special events, promotions, products upcoming you would like to share with the community?

We are so excited to announce that we have some events coming back like our Trail Pick Up, Flower Truck Friday, Park Yoga and our 4 year Anniversary mid-June!

What has the past year taught you about our Fort Collins community?

This past year has taught us that we are extremely grateful for this amazing community! They supported us over the past year and without them we may not have made it through. Choosing to spend their money locally with us was heart filling and humbling. They supported not only our business but our family.

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