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Tilt, an HR tech company, was founded in 2017 with the mission of humanizing the employee leave of absence experience in a meaningful way through a platform-based solution. Tilt has tapped into a large HR solutions gap centered around solving the complex and dynamic aspects of managing a leave of absence (LOA) that most organizations today aren’t equipped to facilitate at scale. 

TiLT recently completed a $10 million funding round to support its continued growth to meet demand, further invest in technology and partnerships, and scale the team to provide empathetic leave experiences for everyone. Named “Best Tech Startups 2022.”

Here is an interview with Founder, Jennifer Henderson:

1. What made you decide to be an entrepreneur vs work for someone else? / Who or what inspired you to create TiLT? 

The origin story of Tilt was one born out of personal experience. I faced career stagnation, maternal, bias, and blatant discrimination when I announced that I was expected with both of my children. I had never aspired or dreamed of being an entrepreneur I was just quite simply, pissed off and motivated to change the current way that I was and so many others are treated when they take a leave of absence.  

2. What is a barrier you have struggled with and how have you overcome it? 

Venture funding backs female founders <2% of the time. Every time we raise a round I am reminded of that statistic and the battle I wage to overcome statistically improbability of raising money. That barrier to entry and continued growth is systemic, explicit and implicit and it will take an army of change makers to break down and build back more equitably.  

3. What would you say to aspiring startups in Fort Collins? 

Find your tribe. FTC is stacked with genuine, generous, and brilliant humans who have helped me every step of the way while scaling Tilt. Attend meet ups, find community resources, set up coffees and build real relationships with those who can help.   

4. What is the biggest impact you’ve made for employers? For families? 

We’ve supported > 70,000 leaves of absence so far and we’re just getting started. The thesis of Tilt is to bring the human back to leave and treat people with empathy and understanding as they navigate some of life’s toughest times. Our north star is to help as many people as fast as possible and we will win by scaling humanity through technology.  

5. What keeps you in Fort Collins? 

This is my home. My husband and I are Rocky Mountain HS and CSU alums. My children are in PSD. Our parents live here. This is where we have intentionally chosen to scale Tilt because we believe that FTC is poised and ready to be a place where start-ups can thrive and we have to lead by example.  

6. What is your favorite Fort Collins business? 

Too many to mention. My family loves spending summer afternoons at Odell’s or Horse and Dragon. The Regional and Little are 2 of our favorite restaurants. Curiosities is my go to for a unique and memorable gift. And lastly, Krazy Karl’s pizza has taken care of my son, who has celiac disease, by making GF safe and delicious pizzas for years- truly making him feel a sense of belonging. 

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